We deliver learning experiences for the modern world of work, collaborating with you to build a tailored programme based on the emotional skills needed by your teams in order to thrive. As well as developing the individual, we recognise relationships with others as an essential component to a thriving organisation. We apply psychological and therapeutic insights to team dynamics, encouraging self-awareness and strengthening communication.  

Workshops are available virtually or in-person, and each workshop is accompanied by extensive supporting materials designed to help embed the learnings, allowing participants to practise the relevant emotional skills long-term.  Each workshop is 2-hours long and for up to 30 people at a time.

What to Expect from a Business Workshop at The School of Life

Our Business workshops are delivered via Zoom by expert teachers and feature enlightening lessons and interactive exercises to help employees and leaders flourish at work.

Our approach creates a space for structured self-reflection to transform the way we see ourselves and others.

For your bespoke consultation contact Business@ripriverview.com

'We have rolled out The School of Life virtual business workshops for our teams across Europe throughout 2020. It turned out to be exactly what our colleagues needed to support their work...It was an excellent mix of useful and stimulating presentations and open discussions and the feedback from the team members were extremely positive!'

Neda Ghafouri 
Medical Excellence Director, ViiV Healthcare